Tattoos By Amanda
March 28th 2014- Updates
Hey Everyone! My tattoo portfolio has been updated with lots of new pictures, check them out! The artwork section will be updated soon too so check back!
12-28-10 Animal Crackers Sketchbook
Hey Everyone! My first sketchbook is complete and ready for sale! It's called "animal crackers" and is, you guessed it, animal themed! It is a full bound soft cover book with lots of line drawing reference and 10 pages of full color! It is available in the shop at Stinky Monkey, or you may order online through paypal, or by mail via a check or money order. If you wish to order a copy, please email me at Please include your name and shipping information and how you wish to pay and I will send you ordering details! The cost is $40.00 plus $5 for shipping. Happy New Year everyone!
9-28-10 Updates
Hey Everyone!
Things are going great at Stinky Monkey, My first book "Animal Crackers" is complete and on sale at select tattoo conventions, it will be available to order online shortly! It contains tons of ready to use line drawings and 10 full color pages of flash. Tattoos have also been updated with some new work so check it out and check back soon!
5-15-10- Updates
Added some new stuff, check it out!.... And dont forget, new items are throughout the fodlers, not just the beginning or end!!
5-10-10: Relocation
Hey Everyone I am pumped to announce that as of June 1st I will be working at Stinky Monkey Tattoos in Kingston, MA! Stop by and check out the new shop!

contact info starting soon:
781-585-9393 x 112
70C Summer Street, Kingston, MA

Hope to see you all soon!
3-14-2010 Updates
Few new tattoos added and a new colored pencil drawing...check em out!
2-25-2010 Updates
Added some new artwork in all folders, the "drawings" section has now been changed to individual folders based on mediums, check it out! And don't forget to check throughout the "tattoos" folder, newest artwork is not necesarily the first pics!
1-19-10- Updates
Both tattoo and drawing portfolios have been updated with a few new pics, check em out!
12-17-09- up to date
Hey everyone, the website is officially up to date with tattoos and a section of drawings has been added as well, more to come!
11-23-09- Welcome!
My new website is officially open for your viewing pleasure! This is just the very beginning, my tattoo portfilio is posted so far and there will be other forms of artwork soon to come! Check out the beginning of my clothing store as well, There are currently only girl shirts available but plenty of styles to choose from, guy shirts will be added soon!